GEOTEXTILES are synthetics permeable fabrics which can either be Woven or Non-Woven and which, when used in association with soil have the ability to Separate, Filter, Reinforce, Protect or Drain.


The woven or non woven geotextile acts to separate two layers of soil that have different particle size distributions. For example, geotextiles are used to prevent road base materials from penetrating into soft underlying soft subgrade soils, thus maintaining design thickness and roadway integrity. Separators also help to prevent fine-grained subgrade soils from being pumped into permeable granular road bases.


woven or non woven geotextiles act as a filter by allowing water to move through the soil while retaining all soil particles. It is used to prevent soils from migrating into aggregate or pipes while maintaining flow through the system.


The excellent tensile mechanical properties of woven or non woven geotextiles, in conjunction with the soil’s good compressive but poor tensile properties, improve the total system’s strength. They are ideal for reinforcing road and railway embankments, slopes and retaining walls. Geogrids can also be used to increase the underlying soil’s bearing capacity and offer cost and construction time savings. The use of these products Improves soft soil bearing capacity. •Distributes stresses and loads across the road construction layers. •Reduces vertical deformation. •Reduces construction, operational and maintenance costs


Non woven geotextiles offer optimal protection to Geomembrane liners, pipes, structures and surface coated materials that may otherwise experience damage from contact with sharp protrusions such as stones, debris, roots or subgrade unevenness. The geotextiles’ thickness and mass are directly proportional to the amount of protection that they can offer.

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