Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL’s) are manufactured, reinforced, composite, roll form hydraulic barriers comprising needle-punched natural sodium bentonite and a combination of geotextiles. Needle-punched geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) are fibre-reinforced composites that combine two durable outer layers and an intermediate, uniform core of high-swelling sodium bentonite clay. When hydrated, they are effective as a barrier for liquid and gas and are commonly used in Landfills as a composite barrier with Geomembrane liners.

This unique qualities of the clay core acts as the barrier component, but its ultimate performance is dependent upon the durability and security provided by the outer layers. The uniform needle-punching forms a directionally independent, shear stress transferring sealing barrier.

When the bentonite core hydrates with fresh water, the bentonite swells and forms a low-permeability layer, which outperforms traditional, thick compacted clay liners, due to the bentonite’s ability to self-seal and re-heal.

Key features of needle-punched GCLs

  • High internal shear strength for steeper slopes.
  • Durable geotextiles for the encapsulation of bentonite
  • Long-term performance
  • Excellent interface friction values
  • Robust installation strength (if the nonwoven of the GCL is placed against cover soil material)
  • Sodium bentonite for uniform clay distribution and immediate swelling.
  • Self-sealing of bentonite-impregnated overlaps as a special feature and available on request.

Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL’s) are often used as a stand-alone liner or in combination with a Geomembrane.

They replace thick compacted clay liners and have many benefits, such as ease of installation, low hydraulic conductivity, self-healing capabilities, capable of withstanding differential settlement, factory quality consistency, shear performance and cost effectiveness.

Eurobent GCL is an extremely versatile product. It is a combination of two or more layers of geotextiles and bentonite, a clay material with excellent swelling ability. This combination of bentonite, woven and non-woven geotextiles ultimately made it possible to produce a reinforces, strong sealing layer. Eurobent GCL ensures a reliable barrier to liquids, steam, and gases. It provides the highest standards of security and profitability. The excellent absorption and swelling properties of bentonite make the GCL impermeable.

Good reason to use EUROBENT GCL as your preferred barrier of choice

  • A state-of-the-art natural sealant available on the market,
  • replaces the need to use traditional materials, especially compacted clay,
  • offers better sealing performance,
  • Solution security: Due to the swelling properties of bentonite, it is able to repair itself in the case of small perforations in layers of geosynthetic textiles. The certified quality of our product enhances on-site construction safety.
  • The flexibility of solutions: We offer very flexible solutions, each time tailored to the client’s needs. Our bentonite mats are characterized by a large number of possible width and length choices while minimizing the number of connections.
  • Minimizing costs: Our bentonite mat provides significant economic benefits. Its low weight decreases transportation costs. The speed and ease of installation do not require highly-qualified personnel, expensive welding or the use of heavy equipment. It is simply unrolled on-site and overlapped at the jointsand eco-friendly,
  • Ecology: Eurobent GCL mat is an environmentally friendly product–ISO 14000 certified.

Applications: With over 10 years presence in the market Eurobent GCL has shown that it is able to perform in some of the most demanding of applications , some of which are listed below:

  • Canals and storage reservoirs
  • Tank storage sites
  • Composting plants
  • Biotopes
  • Tunnel and building seals
  • Filtering and storage reservoirs
  • Run-off basins
  • Roads leading through environmentally sensitive areas
  • Landfill bases
  • Landfill capping
  • Structural waterproofing


In comparison to traditional mats, Eurobent GCL CS has an additional layer of membrane: HDPE, LLDPE or PVC. It is dedicated mainly to a construction waterproofing market.

This solution creates one durable barrier that offers double sealing. In case of any perforation in the film, bentonite serves as a secondary sealing barrier. Moreover, thanks to its self-healing properties it can seal the perforation and stop the leakage. 


Bentonite -The Eurobent GCL bentonite replaces the need for traditional mineral sealants thanks to its versatility.

Europaste -Europaste is a bonding and sealing compound made from a combination of bentonite and an anion-active detergent, which acts as an emulsifier. The main feature of Europaste is its high elastic adhesive power.

Eurostrip – is a specially developed sealing tape used in concrete construction elements to seal work joints, pipe culverts, and other construction technological breaks that are constantly or periodically exposed to pressure and surface water. The tape is made of bentonite, a natural clay mineral. The special fillers and additives are binding agents.

Eurorail-A galvanized wire grid specifically designed to prevent the displacement of Eurostrip during the concrete pouring process.


Eurobent Quick Seal – is a modern solution for the most demanding projects. The Quick Seal bentonite lining product is our answer to the real needs of customers. It is used in projects where quick swelling and water absorption are essential, and when the traditional geosynthetic barrier is insufficient. It provides immediate sealing performance thanks to a polymer modified cover layer.

Our Quick Seal Lining system is a composite of a polymer-modified geotextile, a bentonite core, and a geotextile fabric secured with needle punching. This solution produces a technologically advanced waterproof layer with excellent protection against moisture.


Eurobent C is an effective bentonite waterproofing mat dedicated to structural waterproofing. It has enhanced mechanical properties thanks to use of stronger geotextiles in a manufacturing process. A remarkable, safe, and natural alternative that can be used for the conventional sealing of buildings.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON GEOSYNTHETIC CLAY LININGS (GCL’s) : we would invite you to contact us for discussions on any specific product application which is not covered above and we would be pleased to assist.