TILTEX – Rollform Concrete is manufactured, reinforced, composite, comprising needle-punched Cement / sand mixture and a combination of medium duty geotextiles. Needle-punched TILTEX Rollform Concrete is a fibre-reinforced composites that combine two durable outer layers and an intermediate, uniform core of Cement/ sand. When hydrated, is effective as a protection layer over existing concrete structures or over soil embankments when used in the construction of ponds , canals , pits. etc.

TILTEX comprises 3 layers – An upper PP Non Woven and a lower carrier layer of PP Non Woven Composite Geotextile with an intermediate central layer of specially formulated cement-sand mix.

The product is hydrated by either spraying or immersing with water and and will harden in a short time but will remain flexible to a degree once hydrated and when the product is in use. this is a special feature of the product and a function of both the cement-sand mix as well as the presence of the geotextile and its needle-punched connectivity. The nominal compressive strength of the product is 40 MPa.

The basic product is further enhanced into TILTEX PLUS by an additional lower layer of a waterproof polymeric sheet which improves the performance under hydraulic conditions. The membrane can be supplied with an overlap to allow heat or adhesive bonding to take place and provide more security against water ingress.

It is the action of thousands of needle-punched fibres passing through the plane of the product and connecting the lower and upper geotextile layers which provide TILTEX with a significant degree of re-enforcement and flexibility during handling placement and hydration – ensuring total integrity during these processes. It is this needling process which ties the product together increasing its overall internal shear strength and preventing displacement of the intermediate sand-cement layer.


TILTEX has may uses in infrastructure, building and construction projects but the mains areas of use are found in :

  • Enhancement and protection of existing concrete structures
  • Pit lining
  • protection of earth embankments and reduction of wave action against lining systems on shores and canals.
  • lining of trenches and protection of underground services.

TILTEX is supplied in roll form and is transported in rolls either (5.0m x 20m or 2.5m x 20m) using slings and is deployed on site using a spreader bar arrangement with the rolls being overlapped on site along their lengths and across their width at roll ends.

TILTEX is supplied in a variety of grades between 7 and 12 each one representing a weight of cement-sand mix of 7kg/m2 or 12kg/m2 and equivalent product thicknesses of between 7 and 12mm.

The product is secured into earth structures in the normal way by either locking into an anchor trench or by securing with specially formed steel pins at intervals sufficient to hold the product in place and to prevent slippage.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON TILTEX Roll form Concrete : we would invite you to contact us for discussions on any specific product application which is not covered above and we would be pleased to assist.