(Mentoring, Consultancy, Advice, Presentations, Strategies.)


In addition to product supply, the level of service provision offered by PARKSIDE-BSS takes on an excitingly new dimension with (Mentoring, Consultancy, Advice, Presentations, Strategies.) services supporting important the below-mentioned aspects of Business activities :

Services of this nature are particularly of benefit when a Company’s resources are restricted and the allocation of the necessary in-house resources is lacking . PARKSIDE-BSS can assist in a positive way by providing the necessary support on a project by project / case by case basis and for a pre-agreed duration under an agreed scope of works with clearly stated objectives.

  • Fundamental Sales & Business Principles and Strategies.
  • Business Start Up, Turnaround and Long-term Strategies.
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies that work.
  • Technical & Report Writing, Proof Reading, Peer Reviews.
  • Personal Mentoring, Motivational Training and Orientation.
  • Self Confidence and Public Speaking Techniques
  • Corporate Presentation Compilation, update & review.
  • Corporate Representations
  • Successful Estimating, Pricing & Bid Techniques
  • “English in Business” Teaching service qualified under TEFL level 5
  • Bespoke Business Support tailored to client Requirements.


A dedicated “English in Business” Teaching service qualified under TEFL Level 5 (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and OFQUAL approved offered as a support for all Business students who do not possess English as their first language. Stay tuned over the next couple of months for more information relating to this exciting new initiative.

Fundamental Sales & Business Principles and Strategies.

Whether you’re just starting a business, or you’ve been in business for a long time, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the different areas of your business all interacting at pace and at the same time.

Going back to basics, and reviewing all the different areas of your business, can help you deal better with required actions, prioritise matters and to put everything into perspective.

PARKSIDE-BSS can assist you to develop a good state of health for your business when all fundamentals are fully considered.

Improve your understanding of Basic Business Principles and Strategies

Business Start Up, Turnaround and Long-term Strategies / Sales and Marketing Strategies that work

PARKSIDE-BSS can assist an organization’s process of defining its strategy or direction and making decisions based on allocating existing or applying new resources to pursue this strategy.

It may also extend to control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy . Whether you are new to managing a Company and need advice on start up considerations and procedures or looking at growth options over the next 5 years or require input and support for Turn-around options – Speak with PARKSIDE-BSS for that all -important advice as to which options are available for that next important step forward

“The price of success is hard work, perseverance, dedication, sacrifice, determination to focus on the job at hand, and the preparedness to accept that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task .”

Personal Mentoring, Motivational Training and Orientation. Self Confidence and Public Speaking Techniques

Believe in Yourself. Stay strong. Follow the strength of your convictions and always be Yourself. In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure

Corporate Presentation compilation, update & review / Corporate Representations

In these challenging days when resources are in short supply and finances are stretched , your business may not have the full capacity that it requires to perform optimally and this could mean that you are missing out on some interesting and important opportunities.

PARKSIDE-BSS possesses the experience to assist you and offers services to ease your burden and help you to realise successful outcomes to your challenges. All work is carried out in the strictest confidentiality and discretion and NDA’s can be signed as necessary to protect client information.

Why not consider PARKSIDE-BSS as an outsourced partner ?


Successful Estimating, Pricing & Bid Techniques

Using proven techniques to successful and profitable Bidding are invaluable tools to use in your armoury

Technical & Report Writing, Proof Reading, Peer Reviews.

Don’t assume anything ! – “I really thought this was the greatest piece of literary work since Shakespeare ………..then I asked a colleague to read it for me and pass comment.

“English in Business” Teaching service qualified under TEFL level 5

An investment in Knowledge and Education always generates the best returns. PARKSIDE-BSS is well positioned to provide support and education in a business sense and can draw from its decades of experience in this respect. We are able to provide business coaching in English at TEFL level 5 standard to students , which is the highest such level available. It is OFQUAL approved, Internationally accepted and equivalent to the CELTA Course offered by Cambridge English Language Teaching to Adults.

Please Contact us now to know more about this powerful service offered to both International Students whose native language is not necessarily English and who wish to improve their Business negotiating skills.

The Course further is offered to English native students who may wish to broaden and improve Business skills also.

Open Doors – Create Opportunities – Be Empowered – Get Qualified !!

Communication – The Human Connection – Is the key to Personal and Career Success.

In reading and Learning lies Knowledge and in Knowledge lies Wisdom and the key to Your Success !!