Dear Client ,

PARKSIDE Business Support Services (AKA – PARKSIDE – BSS) was formed out of the ashes of COVID 19 pandemic to help support the GEO industry in general with quality Geosynthetic product supply as well as providing Corporations, SME’s and start up Companies not necessarily linked with the GEO Industry with much needed consultancy, advice or guidance.

We are indeed living in challenging times and as we try to open our minds to transacting business in new and more effective ways, whilst at the same time adapting to changing circumstances, Parkside BSS is pleased to be able to offer our clients some important added-value benefits.

Positive change requires new ways of conducting business. With an array of successful and innovative systems, products and services, we have taken the level of our service provision a full step-change-higher and it is indeed our pleasure to share our extensive business skills and experience with you.

"In Teaching and Mentoring there is Knowledge and in Knowledge there is Wisdom .....................Wisdom to confidently make the right business decisions - first time and all of the time."

“In Teaching and Mentoring there is Knowledge and in Knowledge there is Wisdom …………………Wisdom to confidently make the right business decisions – first time and all of the time.”

The “Phoenix” of PARKSIDE – BSS offers both PRODUCT SUPPLY and BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES and boasts amongst its management , a strong combination of core skills, qualifications and experience gained over a 4 decade time span. We are capable of addressing all essential aspects of the Geosynthetic Industries, offering advice and guidance on project works; contracting; installation methodologies; manufacture; products as well as sales, marketing and bidding strategies.

It is our aim to provide the fullest possible support service to our clients and to assist them in selecting the most appropriate technical and cost-effective solutions to their business and project assignments.


PARKSIDE -BSS has strategically aligned itself with reputable and leading global manufacturers of Geosynthetics, HDPE Pipes and Agri Film sectors and offers a “Direct from Manufacturer” product supply service by facilitating RFQ’s , bids and product supply directly with its clients.


In addition to product supply, the level of service provision takes on an excitingly new dimension with services supporting important aspects of Business set up such as:

Geosynthetic and related Product Supply

Organisational set up, Staff structure and Company policies

Business Strategies – Start up, long term and Turnaround

Market analyses, Corporate presentations and Motivational speaking

Corporate and Technical Report narrative, structure, proof reading and peer reviews

Teaching – English as a Business Language to International students, based on the TEFL level 5 course

No assignment is too small – We are capable of providing support to large Multi-National Corporations, Business Groups and Committees, through to Individuals of any ethnicity, religion, or social group.

Mining, Environmental, Oil & Gas, Water, Waste-water, Aquaculture, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Construction, Building, Infrastructure.
All sectors above in additional to MME’s, SME’s and Individuals seeking advice and direction in their business world.

It is the objective of PARKSIDE-BSS to support clients in whichever way possible, regardless of their size , status or social standing to be the best that they possibly can. It is by using positive thought processes and attitudes in the identification of opportunities which are more likely to result in eventual success.

We look forward to being able to work with you in a positive and constructive way as our strategic partners and to take “CONFIDENCE in a CHANGING WORLD”

Together, We can and will make a Difference !!